May is National Foster Care Month

Strengthening families and focusing on their well-being is the key to building strong
communities. Whether it’s promoting a collaborative relationship between birth parents and
foster caregivers or providing parents with the right combination of supportive services to
enable reunification, keeping families together is the primary goal in a successful child welfare

This May, National Foster Care Month recognizes that foster care must act as a support system
for families, not a substitute for parents. Developing partnerships between local agencies,
community organizations, and individuals within a family’s network is key to building a
supportive foundation that supports family reunification and preservation.

Visit the National Foster Care Month website to find resources in these three categories:

  • Child Welfare Agency and Community Partnerships
  • Collaborative Relationships Throughout the Child Welfare System
  • Wraparound Support Services and Improving Family Well-Being

The website also provides tools to support your engagement in the local community and
inspiring real-life stories from families with foster care experience.

Visit and bookmark the National Foster Care Month website today at