Politics can feel daunting, but it doesn’t have to be. Introducing Advocacy 101 – a webinar series designed to help you learn how to find success and achieve your policy goals for the 2021 legislative session! Our experts will discuss everything from walking you through creating your legislative agenda, to gaining grassroots support and working with the media, to talking to elected officials and staying informed without getting burned out. Whether you can attend just one, or all, this great series is guaranteed to increase your confidence, knowledge and ability to achieve your policy goals for the year ahead.

**There are no current webinars scheduled. Click here to be notified about upcoming sessions**

Each webinar lasts 60 minutes. Registration via Zoom required.

Previous Sessions
Creating Your Legislative Agenda
Grassroots Advocacy
Social Media Advocacy and Awareness Campaigns
How to Communicate with Elected Officials
Using the Media to Spread Your Message
How to Stay Informed While Avoiding Burnout
How to Demonstrate Your ROI to Executive Leadership